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a techno-thriller by Bruce Hubley

When his network of contacts reports a scheduled clandestine meeting for Quari War and Defense Minister Zindar, CIA field agent Jason Royce decides to investigate. But his investigation turns up more questions than answers that show Quari will go to great lengths to protect its secret, including the elimination of anyone trying to unravel the mystery. The Islamic country, with its hatred of the West, has developed a biological weapon with a 100% kill rate and enlisted the aid of a terrorist network to deliver it to North America. Zidar, whose reputation as a strategist was gained through years of planning for terrorist organizations, develops a plan with a delivery system so devious that it will take more than the agency resources that CIA agent Jason Royce and his covert network have at their bidding to foil the deadly attack.

Royce must rush to uncover the plan with the help of a trio of super hackers, known as Cyberspace Tracers, who possess a mastery of the internet, but first he must find them.

Together they face danger and death as they race to stop a scheme that may annihilate an entire continent.

Now these three networks will clash or combine as one side attempts to accomplish, and the other to prevent, a biological attack on North America which could decimate the population. The cunning and ruthlessness of Quari and the terrorist cells may be more than a match for the skills and resourcefulness of the CIA and the best Tracers on the planet, as the body count rises into seven figures.

Ultimately, everyone realizes that, however it ends, only one side will survive.

With its plot twists and action, Networks is an all too real scenario of how vulnerable we are to scientists and enemies with imagination.

This book is available in hardcopy and e-book. Purchase online at: book locker, amazon.com, amazon.ca, chapters or Haligonians may order an autographed copy directly from the author at 225-3214 or readers@brucehubley.ca

reviews for NETWORKS

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Read this book on the advice of a friend. So glad I did. There are so many twists in the plot and to tell you the truth it makes me a little nervous that something like this could actually happen given the technology the way it is. Cleverly thought out this book is one that you will not want to put down , so save a chunk of time before you start it. THe only question I have is ...when is the movie coming out, because all the time I was reading it I was thinking , this would make a great movie. Highly recommended. I will be watching for the next book.

Brian, Amazon Customer
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My Dad gave this to me to read, and I could not put it down. The characters were well developed, and the story was so good. When you think you know what is going to happen, the author sends in another twist. Will read this again...

Jess, Amazon Customer
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I could not put this book down!I spent most of two precious days of my Christmas holiday joyfully wrapped up in the adventure of "MR.Royce".I was held captive in his efforts to save America from a deadly virus designed to kill everyone in the USA. Skillfully written with enough twists and turns to keep even the most skeptic fiction reader from putting the book down. I can't wait until Bruce Hubley puts out, what I hope will be, a whole series of adventures about our CIA agent Mr. Royce.

WHITEHOUSE no not that one, Amazon Customer
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High tech bioterrorism versus computer hackers on steroids. The plot is set for an ultra modern bioterrorism plan to develop and release a bioengineered virus perfect for its devious purpose. The CIA is handcuffed to deal with the level of technology about to be unleashed on the western world. Only a small group of techies can help however their usual clientelle is far from the CIA. The CIA operative must first get beyond the techies natural mistrust of the government and convince them that this goes far beyond a scheme to entrap them. Their highly unique skill set is the CIA's only hope to stop the bad guys from unleashing a devestating plague in the USA and to save eastern Canada where it is first tested. In the process the CIA discovers the frightening level of technology available in the private sector and the private sector finds itself immersed in the espionage business. Very technically enlightening. Fast paced. Set the time aside to keep reading as you near the finale as you won't be able to set it down. Definitely will be looking for the sequel!

Paul Cribby, Amazon Customer
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Fast paced high tech thriller. Spys and geeks chasing down bio terrorists. World wide real settings and politics. The CIA needs the help of High Tech wizards located in of all places Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Interesting insight into the world beyond hackers.

Linda, Amazon Customer
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A fast paced, exciting book that's hard to put down with an intricate plot that draws the reader in. A great book with lots of suspense - and some humor too! Highly recommended.

Cathy, Amazon

Look for Royce and the Tracers to return in
Smoke and Mirrors

It seems that the KGB has gotten control of nuclear weapons, or did they? Sources indicate that they have been smuggled onto the continental United States, or have they? Nuclear blackmail or nuclear destruction, what is the real motive? Royce and Pixel cannot hope to unravel the mystery until they discover who is really behind it.

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