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Cover of novel Pathfinder
Cover of novel Pathfinder

From Lieutenant Colonel (Ret'd) Russell Hubley's enlistment to discharge this biography covers his training and details of the many operations which made up more than two full tours. Sixty trips in a war where only one in four aircrews survived even one tour.

Told in his own words, in a style meant to show the humour in the daily lives of the aircrews of Bomber Command, it answers such questions as "What is the best way to clean your wedge cap without burning down the barracks?'

As one of the few surviving WWII veterans
his tale needed telling,
before it was lost!
Cover of novel Networks
Cover of novel Networks

When the ruling elite of an Islamic nation bent on destruction of the United States obtains a deadly biological weapon, they enlist a terrorist network to disperse the virus. CIA Agent Jason Royce recruits a trio of super-hackers with mastery of the Internet to help unravel the plot.

Together they face danger and death as they race to stop a scheme that may annihilate an entire continent, even as the body count grows.

Ultimately, everyone realizes that,
however it ends,
only one side will survive.

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High tech bioterrorism versus computer hackers on steroids. The plot is set for an ultra modern bioterrorism plan to develop and release a bioengineered virus perfect for its devious purpose. The CIA is handcuffed to deal with the level of technology about to be unleashed on the western world. Only a small group of techies can help however their usual clientelle is far from the CIA. The CIA operative must first get beyond the techies natural mistrust of the government and convince them that this goes far beyond a scheme to entrap them. Their highly unique skill set is the CIA's only hope to stop the bad guys from unleashing a devestating plague in the USA and to save eastern Canada where it is first tested. In the process the CIA discovers the frightening level of technology available in the private sector and the private sector finds itself immersed in the espionage business. Very technically enlightening. Fast paced. Set the time aside to keep reading as you near the finale as you won't be able to set it down. Definitely will be looking for the sequel!

Paul Cribby, Amazon Customer
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Fast paced high tech thriller. Spys and geeks chasing down bio terrorists. World wide real settings and politics. The CIA needs the help of High Tech wizards located in of all places Dartmouth Nova Scotia. Interesting insight into the world beyond hackers.

Linda, Amazon Customer


Bruce Hubley has degrees in Business and Law from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Computer Industries Association A+ Certified Field Service Technician. He currently lives in Halifax with his wife and several rescued dogs whose number vary over time.

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